Our Story

The Spice Co.

If you have found yourself here we share a common interest… great tasting food. Personally I ended up here after working as a chef for over 30 years in several countries when I became involved in Emergency Food Service, feeding Indigenous communities that are routinely evacuated due to natural disasters and emergencies.

I was returning home to my family after a lengthy evacuation and was booked for a variety of food events when I made the decision to cancel all of them because I couldn’t fathom discussing the finer merits of what wines or craft beers to pair with what meal after spending so much time feeding those that were just happy to have a decent meal. It was then that the decision was made to create an approachable line of spice blends that would make eating simple meals taste good to a broader palate with natural ingredients and from this The Spice Co. was born. A place where cooks andfood enthusiasts can find and share recipes and inspiration on cooking, but seriously, we just want you to play with your food and feed yourself while feeding others by joining The Spice Co. in Cooking for a Cause! Proceeds from every sale will be donated to Canadian Feed The Children. You can support community-led action that has a sustainable impact on children’s lives through food security and children’s educational programs in Indigenous communities across Canada. Help unlock children’s potential so that we live in a world where children thrive free from poverty.

 The Spice Co. Inc. just wants you to play with your food and help you become a better cook with our line of handcrafted rubs, spice blends and cooking videos!