Seriously we just want you to play with your food and have fun while becoming a better cook with our line of products and our online cooking videos.

The Spice Co. refuses to add food additives like anti-caking agents, the main concern being. Adding any ingredients to our spices would compromise the flavor, quality and our commitment to product sourcing. The addition of anti-caking agents to powdered organic herbs and spices means you’re not getting a 100% pure product.

To preserve the integrity of our products, The Spice Co. does not use fillers, additives, dyes, fragrance enhancers, MSG or anti-caking agents. We use quality ingredients in our herb and spice blends which are handcrafted as we roast, smoke and mix our select ingredients in small batches to ensure freshness and optimal flavor. Our packaging design helps ensure that its contents are protected from the harmful environmental effects caused by UV rays and Oxidization.

Although our rubs do not spoil they will over time lose their potency and deliver less favorable results.

We advise you to keep The Spice Co. herb and spice blends as well as all of your herbs and spices in a location that is cool, dry, and away from direct sunlight.

Introduce the spice by using your hand, fingers, or alternate utensil and sprinkle accordingly. Remember you can always add more but it is pretty hard to take it out once you have added it to your food!

Also, when the spice is not in use, always make sure to re-seal the pouch.